The AA, with Populus research of 23,000 people, have revealed drivers’ top ten Summer driving hates.

Litterers who throw rubbish out of their car windows top the list for 34% of drivers. Slow-moving caravans came second with one in six (15%) drivers getting hot under the collar about them. Groups of cyclists are the third most unpopular.The full list of results shows the top ten summer annoyances as:

  • Throwing rubbish out of the window 34%
  • Slow caravans 15%
  • Groups of cyclists 13%
  • Inconsiderate parking 10%
  • Dawdling or lost drivers 7%
  • Loud music with the roof down or windows open 7%
  • Sightseers stopping without thought or consideration 5%
  • Overloaded cars with no view to the rear 4%
  • Groups of motorcyclists 1%
  • Half naked drivers 0%
  • None of the above 4%

Edmund King, AA President, said: “Chucking rubbish out of a moving vehicle is totally unnecessary; it’s also dangerous to other road users and those that clean up. Previous AA/Populus research showed that many drivers would support tough penalties, such as points on their driving licence, large fines and community sentences for littering drivers.

“It is interesting that some motorists find anything that slows them down an irritant whether slow caravans or groups of cyclists. All road users need to show consideration for fellow road users whether on two wheels, four wheels, six wheels or even horse legs. Common courtesy and consideration on both sides can improve road safety and reduce road rage this summer.”