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All about our technical services


Hofmann Four Wheel Laser Tracking 

It is very important that your vehicles wheels are checked regularly for alignment as misaligned wheels are unsafe, inefficient and will wear your tyres out more quickly. We have a state of the art laser wheel alignment system from Hofmann in our service area which enables us to get your cars stearing geometry back to factory settings.


Bosch Vehicle Diagnostics  

Covering the broadest range of applications, Bosch manufactures hi-tech automotive test equipment, to help workshops diagnose even the most difficult and unexpected problems. It is for this reason that we decided to invest in a Bosch diagnostic suite so that we can provide our customers with the very best and most accurate service.

Autoclimate Air conditioning Service Equipment 

As air conditioning has become a more common feature of modern cars here at the Trotting Mare we have invested in auto climates air conditioning testing and recharging system, we can look after every aspect of your car when you bring it to us for servicing.

Autoclimate Air conditioning Service Equipment
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